2011 August 06, Barada TV
Interview with Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi
بانوراما: 06/08/2011 ضيف الحلقة الشيخ محمد اليعقوبي

قناة بردى – بانوراما: 06/08/2011 ضيف الحلقة الشيخ محمد اليعقوبي
Barada TV Presents Panorama 06/08/2011 Guest is Sheikh Muhammed Al Yaqoubi

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One Response to “2011 August 06, Barada TV
Interview with Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi
بانوراما: 06/08/2011 ضيف الحلقة الشيخ محمد اليعقوبي”

  1. admin says:

    Quick translation:

    IbraheemS: We don’t want a secession of cities.
    IbraheemS: We don’t want occuptation.
    IbraheemS: I ask Allah to give our men patience
    IbraheemS: And Ramadan is half patience and Ramadan is a school of patience.
    IbraheemS: There is no doubt that when someone hears his neighbor gets killed
    IbraheemS: Whoever gets hit is not like the one counting the hits.
    IbraheemS: We need the scholars.
    IbraheemS: No matter how much you see killing, do not raise weapons.
    IbraheemS: Allow me to take a caller from Saudi
    IbraheemS: From the dua’ of Mecca, I ask Allah to give us victory over misguidance.
    IbraheemS: Greetings to the Sheik.
    IbraheemS: The world Ramadan is about obedience to Allah.
    IbraheemS: The Syrian people do not obey anyone except for Allah
    IbraheemS: (having trouble undering caller)
    IbraheemS: During the time of the occuptation of the Ottoman empire, the Syrians did not bow to the French.
    IbraheemS: And Erdogan said that a massacre in Hama is a red line.
    IbraheemS: I want to greet the dear brother regarding love for the people of Sham.
    IbraheemS: It’s true that peopel of Sham are people of love and fraternity.
    IbraheemS: It is indeed important people share food during Ramdan.
    IbraheemS: I want to talk about the second point.
    IbraheemS: I want to differintient between history and official party lines.
    IbraheemS: The Ottomans were out Muslim brothers and opened Constontinople and got to Vienna.
    IbraheemS: They prevented occupation of the Arabs of the crusaders.
    IbraheemS: by the crusaders*
    IbraheemS: This was because of Khayr al-Deen Barbarrosa.
    IbraheemS: Hate towards the Ottomans came about because of Arab nationalism.
    IbraheemS: When Ataturk came to power, he cut off ties to the Arabs.
    IbraheemS: Sherif Hussain did something similar along with McMahon.
    IbraheemS: The Ottomans were not occupiers.
    IbraheemS: We except something more from Erdogan in terms of words.
    IbraheemS: However, our reliance is on Allah before anything else.
    IbraheemS: In 400 years, there were little uprisings against the Ottomans.
    IbraheemS: However, there were many uprisings against this government.
    IbraheemS: This government got in through overthrow.
    IbraheemS: Democracy is nothing new to Syrians because Syrians are people of civilization and modernity.

    IbraheemS: Commercial break.
    IbraheemS: But please make dua’ for Hama. It’s where I’m from.
    IbraheemS: And sorry for shortcomings in the translation.

    IbraheemS: The question is now how do we prevent the revolution into blowing up because of a lack of inellect.
    IbraheemS: You think the revolution should stay peaceful?
    IbraheemS: Is it OK for it to happen?
    IbraheemS: Should everything be solved only through Dialogue?
    IbraheemS: My brother, I thank you for your comments but the Syrians were very patient with the Baathists and the Assad family.
    IbraheemS: After this happened, the revolution was very watered down and the requests were simple.
    IbraheemS: We only anted some reforms.
    IbraheemS: But we got arrests and killings.
    IbraheemS: We want the blood to stop pouring and we’re not happy about the situation.
    IbraheemS: Mr. Muhanad? What do you think should happen?
    IbraheemS: The president has the ability to change things in the constitution.
    IbraheemS: He can change whatever he wants whenever he wants.
    IbraheemS: The solution is in the hands of the president.
    IbraheemS: We waited a long time until we told people to protest.
    IbraheemS: We cannot be silent about this.
    IbraheemS: No one wants to go outside to protest but it’s something we have to do.
    IbraheemS: However, people must.
    IbraheemS: However, had people been able to protest, 1,000 would have gone out for each one.
    IbraheemS: And I want to thank the protestesters for going onto the streets.
    IbraheemS: You are the crown of the head of the country.
    IbraheemS: History is being written now.
    IbraheemS: Is going away from the religion the solution or a problem?
    IbraheemS: I want to focus on what the poet said at first that the president should resign and I agree.
    IbraheemS: If armed forces are everywhere, he should leave to fix it because the president clearly can’t.
    IbraheemS: Adonis is right about the president resigning.
    IbraheemS: However, the people are what should decide.
    IbraheemS: And the people come from many backgrounds, Sunni, Alawi, Druze, Christian, Shia.
    IbraheemS: They’re all religious.
    IbraheemS: The Christians in Syria hold onto Christianity more than than in Europe.
    IbraheemS: Everyone is religious and this is people’s revolution.
    IbraheemS: People come out from masajid chanting religious slogans.
    IbraheemS: religion calls for changing the current state of affairs.
    IbraheemS: The secularalists could not muster a protest like the religious institutions.
    IbraheemS: However, if he means we should get away from religious strife, he’s right.
    IbraheemS: Secularlists and atheists are a minority.
    IbraheemS: Many of the artists and cultured people are religious.
    IbraheemS: Religion with us in Sham is moderate and just.
    IbraheemS: It’s about brotherhood and love.
    IbraheemS: Around the Ummayid Masjid, the various religions live alongside each other peacefully with little problems.
    IbraheemS: We are against religious strife. It’s as bad as calling each other heratics.
    IbraheemS: We speak about oppression, torture, rape of women, etc.
    IbraheemS: From religion, we have the five things that are protected: religion, life, intellect,
    IbraheemS: lineage and property.
    IbraheemS: Adonis is a good man but I disagree.
    IbraheemS: Many Alawis are good people and these killers do not represent the Alawis.
    IbraheemS: What about the truth that many of these protests come from Sunni Masjids, is this a Sunni Revolution?
    IbraheemS: Sheik: look at the revolution.
    IbraheemS: In Homs, the Alawis went against the killing alongside the Sunnis.
    IbraheemS: Anyone who attacks the Alawis based on this is narrow minded.
    IbraheemS: The Alawis lived during the Ottoman period and during the civil people.
    IbraheemS: We cannot expell the Alawis from the country or oppress them.
    IbraheemS: Abu Jihad from Lebanon: I would like to show solidarity with Syrians and all of the Lebanese are in Solidarity.
    IbraheemS: Many honorable Lebanese protested in Tripoli.
    IbraheemS: If Allah wants, we will do it more.
    IbraheemS: Allah is not pleased with oppression
    IbraheemS: Lebanese are the worst affected by this regime.
    IbraheemS: This regime is evil.
    IbraheemS: We congradulate the strong Syria people.
    IbraheemS: The official stance of the Lebanese is different from the people’s stance.
    IbraheemS: How do we maintain the peacefulness of the revolution?
    IbraheemS: My dear brother.
    IbraheemS: Going out with weapons will cause strife and chaos.
    IbraheemS: If we allowed this by fatwa, we will see the protesters becoming armed gangs.
    IbraheemS: This might be what the regime wants.
    IbraheemS: Peaceful protest is what shook the regime’s throne.
    IbraheemS: Armed revolution will cause killing many innocent people and we must be patient.
    IbraheemS: Lost connection. I need to refresh.
    IbraheemS: Peaceful protest is a act of religious worship.
    IbraheemS: Allah is enough for us and no one else is sufficient.
    IbraheemS: “They said Allah is sufficient for us and what a great benefitor! and no harm touched them.
    IbraheemS: We must remember that the people who are killed are martyrs.
    IbraheemS: We should be happy to get killed in unarmed protest.
    IbraheemS: We started a page related protesting from masajid and we’re starting a protest on the Night of Power
    IbraheemS: May Allah reward people for this.

    IbraheemS: Break.

    IbraheemS: The intellect is something people must use.
    IbraheemS: It is not looking at the means?
    IbraheemS: It’s about means, consequences, and results?
    IbraheemS: The regime does not want the voice of truth to come out.
    IbraheemS: I asked there to be more reforms.
    IbraheemS: After that there, was suppression.
    IbraheemS: So I waited a week, then I spoke against the killing.
    IbraheemS: Then I called for reforms.
    IbraheemS: All of it can be done in a night and a day.
    IbraheemS: People have intellects and information is all over the place.
    IbraheemS: I offered a solution but it was not accepted.
    IbraheemS: So I decided the best way then was to protest and to reply to the oppression.
    IbraheemS: What about what we heard about that the martyrs died 100 times in the Jahaliya?
    IbraheemS: The Prophet called the people who are defending their property and honor martyrs (peace and blessings be upon him)
    IbraheemS: The first mistake Sheik Bouti made is that
    IbraheemS: the protesters are not killing.
    IbraheemS: Rather, they are replying to oppression.
    IbraheemS: If people go against an Imam without an Imam to replace him
    IbraheemS: with killing
    IbraheemS: that is what “general killingâ€‌ is.
    IbraheemS: I greet the protesters, the children who were killed. May Allah grant victory to this revolution?
    IbraheemS: Do you think these people died 100 ignorant deaths.?
    IbraheemS: Impossible. Bouti and [redacted] Hassoun are mistaken and Hassoun is a [redacted].
    IbraheemS: Allah will judge them and I’m refraining.
    IbraheemS: Which is what the presenter is saying now.
    IbraheemS: The sword has a situation and calmness has a situation.
    IbraheemS: We must attempted to maintain these bonds we have each other.
    IbraheemS: What we are doing is replying to the oppression.
    IbraheemS: As for disobedience from the Sultan.
    IbraheemS: We must define the Imam.
    IbraheemS: Following the Imam is obligatory.
    IbraheemS: The Imam must be Muslim and Just.
    IbraheemS: “Oh you who believe, obey Allah and His messenger and people in command. If you disagree on something then return to Allah and His messenger.â€‌
    IbraheemS: What happens if the Imam becomes non-Muslim?
    IbraheemS: Then it is necessessary to remove him.
    IbraheemS: Unless doing so would be worse than keeping him.
    IbraheemS: This has become part of Sunni theology.
    IbraheemS: It has also entered legal books.
    IbraheemS: What remains is two catagories.
    IbraheemS: An Imam that is Muslim but practices Haram.
    IbraheemS: As long as it personal, then he is not removed.
    IbraheemS: An aggressive ruler, the scholars disagreed on this.
    IbraheemS: There is no scholarly concensus.
    IbraheemS: If the Imam’s sins are personal, then it’s between him and Allah.
    IbraheemS: However, if he is oppressive to the point where he attacks people, then many scholars said it is permissible to disobey him.
    IbraheemS: They disagreed about this for a very long time.
    IbraheemS: May Allah have Mercy upon the martyrs, especially the ones from Hama.
    IbraheemS: It is impossible for them to be killed because of their own ignorance.
    IbraheemS: THey are defending their honor and freedom.
    IbraheemS: Bashar and Hafez are each worse than the other.
    IbraheemS: Back to the Sheik al-Yaqoubi.
    IbraheemS: I want to begin with the words of Imam al-Juwayni.
    IbraheemS: There is a strong difference of opinion in this last issue.
    IbraheemS: Many scholars said it is obligatory to go against an agressive ruler.
    IbraheemS: *gives citation*
    IbraheemS: However, this opinion is limited with the principle of preventing harm.
    IbraheemS: I want to reiterate against the using of weapons should not be used now.
    IbraheemS: I’m only reciting the text to mention the disagreement.
    IbraheemS: It’s important we don’t fight with weapons.
    IbraheemS: These revolutions teach people to speak against injustice.
    IbraheemS: We want to return people to the ability to calling people to good and preventing them from injustice.
    IbraheemS: My aplogies Sheik, but time is short.
    IbraheemS: I want to ask about Sheik Buti’s opinion that the protesters died under ignorance.
    IbraheemS: I have full respect for Sheik Buti and I do not want to slander any scholar and we should not do this.
    IbraheemS: I want protesters to know the bounds of adab and not slander people.
    IbraheemS: ISlam is a religion of Adab to even the animals.
    IbraheemS: Sham is a land of Hanafis and Shafis.
    IbraheemS: When we issue fatwas, we go back to the scholars.
    IbraheemS: I look at the works of Imam Abidin.
    IbraheemS: Ibn Abidin died is known in East and West. From Egypt to Turkey to India they use it.
    IbraheemS: People may not help the Sultan kill the people who call the Sultan to be just.
    IbraheemS: Ibn Abidin added to this text that people must help the Sultan kill their enemies EXCEPT, an important except, when the Sultan brings about his own problems through oppression.
    IbraheemS: Such is the oppression of Dera’ or Duma.
    IbraheemS: Rather, they must help the oppressed when the oppression has no doubt about it.
    IbraheemS: Right now, there is no doubt the oppression.
    IbraheemS: Rape of women, killing men, etc.
    IbraheemS: This requires other people to help the people calling against oppression.
    IbraheemS: After 40 years, we could not have seen it come to this.
    IbraheemS: We do not want people to declare others to be heratics.
    IbraheemS: We have a war on terror because people became extreme in religion.
    IbraheemS: Rather, we want people to go against the oppression.
    IbraheemS: This is without weapons.
    IbraheemS: People do not know the rules of Jihad.
    IbraheemS: It is obligatory people of (various of cities) to speak out against the oppression.
    IbraheemS: If they can, they should camp out.
    IbraheemS: I call upon the scholars to call from the mimbars to call all people to protest in one day.
    IbraheemS: Allah replies to the dua’ of the oppressed even if they are disbelievers.
    Abdullah: The shaykh is indicating the importance of prayer
    IbraheemS: Oh Damascus, answer the call of Allah to reply to oppression.