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نداء إلى الشعب السوري
من الشيخ محمد أبو الهدى اليعقوبي
Calling on The People of Syria
By Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi
with English subtitles

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0:08 In the name of Allah, the Compassionate and Merciful
0:11 Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds
0:14 Peace and blessing upon our Master Muhammad
0:18 and upon all his folk and companions
0:23 People of Damascus!
0:26 brave tenants of Damascus!
0:30 Dear brothers and relatives
0:36 in Sham, Homs, Hama, and Aleppo
0:42 in Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, Hasakah and Qamishli
0:46 in Latakia, Banias, Jabla
0:49 Daraa, Howran, Golan, and the suburbs of Damascus
1:02 Peace and blessings be upon you all
1:07 I am delivering this speech to you
1:13 calling in you your courage, your aspirations, honour, resilience and pride
1:22 I shall begin with the words of Allah
1:26 “Hold fast to the rope of Allah and do not disunite
1:31 Remember Allah’s bounty upon you when you were enemies and he brought you together so that you became, by His grace, brothers.”
1:44 Oh brothers, friends, strugglers, and heroic brothers!
1:54 Where are dignity, honour, pride, defense, heroism and manhood?
2:05 We, the people of this religion
2:08 the people of honour
2:13 how could we be content with humiliation and subjugation?
2:18 How could there be such bloodshed and attacks against our women
2:27 yet we remain silent in our homes saying
2:36 “I want to save myself, may Allah save my family and I do not care about the rest”
2:43 Listen to the words of Allah
2:46 in it is guidance and warning
2:49 “Oh you who believe! If anyone leaves his religion, Allah will bring better people whom He loves and they love Him:
2:58 people who are humble with the believers strong against the unbelievers
3:02 people who struggle in the way of Allah and they do not fear any blame
3:06 That is the bounty of Allah which He gives to whoever He wills.”
3:10 Are you one of these people whom Allah loves and who love Allah?
3:17 Are you among those who love Allah and Allah loves them?
3:23 Are you one of those who, for Allah, do not fear any blame?
3:26 Are you one of the heirs of Obada al-Samit, may Allah be pleased with him
3:31 who said in a hadith related by Bukhari and Muslim
3:36 “We gave our allegiance to the messenger of Allah on the condition that we speak the truth wherever we may be.”
3:44 “They, for Allah, do not fear the blame of anyone”
3:46 or you maybe fear this man or the other
3:49 or for your business
3:51 or fear for you work and job?
3:55 There will be a time where neither your business nor your work will benefit you
4:03 and only struggle for the sake of Allah and support for the truth will.
4:09 The truth will be victorious.
4:11 “Say, ‘truth has overcome and falsehood is undone,’ certainly falsehood was meant to be undone.”
4:17 Do the people who remain in their homes not ponder this verse?
4:26 I am speaking to people who sap the morale of others by staying home
4:31 I am speaking to those who fear their shadows
4:39 I say, if you turn away from, Allah shall replace you with other people who will not be (cowards) like you
4:47 This religion will be victorious by Allah’s permission
4:50 truth will triumph
4:52 oppression will be removed
4:53 oppressors will go to the lowest of the low
4:58 However, the question is:
5:01 will the reward of attaining this victory be ours?
5:05 Will we earn the honour of raising the banner of justice?
5:11 “Aid each other for good and righteousness, and do not aid each other in sins and transgression” as Allah commanded
5:20 In this, I am calling in you your living conscience; true belief, fear of Allah and honour and chivalry
5:32 One of the poets says
5:34 “I passed by manhood; it was crying. I asked upon what does this young girl cry?
5:39 She replied, “How should I not cry when all of my family, amongst the creation of Allah, are dead!”
5:43 Are the people of chivalry and honour dead?
5:46 People of Damascus were never like this
5:50 Did chocolate bring about a new generation of people
5:54 or is it fast food which produced this new generation of people?
5:59 Are we the generation of chocolate and chewing gum?
6:01 May Allah protect us
6:03 we are a generation of dignity and chivalry
6:05 we are a generation of bravery and honour
6:09 Which struggle has higher honour than speaking the truth?
6:12 We do not call for an armed struggle or bloodshed
6:16 Rather, we are calling for freedom of worship
6:21 freedom to speak up the truth
6:23 and freedom to condemn oppression
6:25 Go out to the streets
6:27 and demand from those responsible for the atrocities
6:31 to resign and leave people in peace
6:36 The principal job of a ruler is to protect religion, lives, honour and people’s property
6:45 This is not happening
6:47 Who is going to protect people’s honour
6:49 who is going to defend people in their homes?
6:53 Ironically: the guardian is the thief
6:56 Police, who are supposed to protect people
6:59 the army, who must defend people
7:01 are the ones who are killing people in their homes
7:04 Should we not condemn this and call for a change?
7:10 Everyone who loves this country must go out
7:13 I must say, everyone who loves Allah and His messenger, PBUH
7:21 should go out to defend this country, the religion, honour, and virtues
7:29 Everyone must go out and protest and shout
7:31 “peacefully peacefully, this protest is peaceful.”
7:39 We do not allow killing, assassinations, violence, or anarchy
7:45 Rather, we call upon people to boldly and bravely speak words of truth
7:49 Where are you people of Damascus?
7:53 If you all went out to the streets, the regime would collapse within days
7:55 and a system of truth and justice would be established
8:01 Some say, “We go out, we get killed.”
8:03 This is because only a few individual go out
8:06 If hundreds of thousands of people occupied the various squares of Damascus
8:09 then what would the army do?
8:10 Kill a hundred thousand?
8:11 They dare not do it
8:13 Allah, in his Wisdom and Power
8:19 allowed what happened because of our sedentariness lethargy
8:26 Neverthless, if we stood united as Allah commanded
8:31 no enemy would be able to break our lines or commit the inhumane acts
8:38 we see on the satellite channels and in pictures that began with Khatib
8:46 and ended with Husni, may Allah have Mercy upon them both
8:51 Brothers! People of Damascus!
8:53 It is high time we went out for the sake of Allah
8:57 It is high time we filled the streets and public squares
9:01 Let us all get out: young and old, men and woman, children and elders
9:06 all must go out and say no to killing
9:09 no to bloodshed
9:11 no to besieging cities
9:14 no to killing innocents
9:16 no to looting properties
9:18 no to violating the honour of women
9:20 no to humiliating people
9:21 and no to oppression
9:23 We say yes to justice
9:25 yes to freedom that is based on respecting the rights of others
9:30 yes to protecting lives
9:33 yes to respecting minorities rights
9:36 yes to law and order in streets and cities
9:39 but not to a rogue state that based on anarchy and sabotage like this regime
9:45 This regime sabotages, causes chaos, and steals
9:50 We must say “no” to this mess.
9:55 I don’t want to make it long
9:56 but I wanted to speak to you
9:59 and I know that in every quarter of your towns I have a relative
10:02 a friend and a brother
10:04 In every neighborhood and suburb of Damascus
10:09 I have a brother
10:10 a friend
10:12 or a neighbor
10:15 I speak to every brother
10:18 to every merchant
10:19 to every worker
10:21 to every student
10:22 and to every scholar to say
10:24 “go out for the sake of Allah”
10:27 ” and say; be as the Prophet PBUH said
10:31 “A Muslim is the brother of every Muslim. He does not let his down”
10:33 Don’t let down those who have gone out for the sake of Allah
10:38 on your behalf demanding the removal of injustice
10:42 I beseech Allah to envelope the martyrs in His Mercy
10:47 those who spilled their precious blood in order to lift this oppression from our shoulders
10:54 to allow us to achieve freedom to worship our Lord, Almighty
10:58 to help preserving the resources of our country
11:03 and to bring back to our country its glory
11:06 The elders of Damascenes remember
11:09 and the younger generation have heard
11:12 how Damascus was in the fifties
11:15 It was on the way to being a great country like Japan
11:18 in economy, industry, trade, power, virtue and morals, civilisation and advancement
11:27 We must, with the permission of Allah, bring Syria back to how it was before
11:33 Do not be in despair because Allah is with the meek until he is given victory and with the oppressed until justice is established
11:40 for He is All-Hearing, Answering, and Close
11:42 I ask Allah to support all of us with victory
11:48 “Certainly, Allah’s victory is imminent.”
11:50 Peace and blessings be upon you

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